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MRINetwork: United in Excellence Documentary Premiere

September 27, 2022 ──── Jessica Hollander-Torres
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MRINetwork: United in Excellence Documentary Premiere

MRINetwork: United in Excellence | The Documentary
What is it like to be united in excellence? To challenge yourself daily, be relentless in your dreams, and give back to the industry and your community? What is it like to make a positive impact on people’s lives … to broaden your gaze beyond “recruiting as usual,” and build a thriving search firm?

These are the questions we ask ourselves daily at MRINetwork. Since 1965, MRI has grown into a global community of more than 250 firms across more than 40 countries worldwide. After five decades of innovation and success, MRI continues to lead the industry and define the future of talent access.

Rekindle the Energy of United 2022

After two long years, our community was able to come together in person at United 2022. We re-imagined the format and landscape of our global conference. The touch-points, opportunities for connection and the learning experience. Working together, side by side, we uncovered transformative solutions and ideas. As leaders, teams, and a global community, we not only broadened our horizons, but also deepened our connections and evolved our perspectives and our practices.

MRINetwork: United in Excellence | The Documentary

MRINetwork events are designed to challenge, expand, energize, and inspire — all in service of the search business. MRINetwork: United in Excellence | The Documentary showcases our flagship United event, providing a powerful glimpse into the global MRINetwork community.

MRINetwork: United in Excellence | The Documentary is set to make its premiere on MRINetworkTV (YouTube) on Thursday, September 29, 4:30pm Eastern.  Tune in to see what makes MRINetwork — and the people within it — so special.

Who should watch?

  • Current MRINetwork franchise members who wish to reconnect virtually, celebrate their peers, and relive the magic that was #MRIUnited22.
  • Professionals considering a career in executive search or exploring business ownership opportunities.
  • Established search firm leaders — both solopreneurs and those with growing teams — who want a sneak peek at what happens when our tight-knit community comes together for three days of impact, growth, and collaboration.
  • All members of our extended MRI family! We invite our firms’ candidates, clients, MRI vendor partners, friends, and relatives to experience what happens behind the scenes to ensure MRINetwork franchises continue to lead the industry.

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