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A Recruiter’s Guide to Contract Staffing

January 4, 2023 ──── MRINetwork

A Recruiter’s Guide to Contract Staffing

A Recruiter's Guide to Contract Staffing
How can your recruiting business get up and running quickly with contract staffing? MRINetwork offers a simple, seamless solution that makes it easy to expand your capabilities without introducing unnecessary risk, costs, or hassles.

Read on for five simple steps to introduce contract staffing to your clients and candidates, and download our guide and additional resources for more information.

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With contract staffing, you can generate recurring, predictable revenue, while delivering more value to your clients and candidates. Contract staffing allows you to safeguard your business against competitors, while growing your share of the business. With more business coming in, you can be more selective in your perm business. 

Contract Staffing vs. Perm Recruiting 

In perm recruiting, you’re starting the month at zero. Contract staffing offers greater peace of mind with regular revenue coming in. The primary difference between perm and contract staffing is the pace. With contract staffing, you’re often making the placement within one to two weeks, compared to 30 to 45 days for perm. This rapid pace requires a robust talent pool to engage candidates quickly, and the ability to respond immediately and decisively.  

Contract staffing also requires expertise related to employment laws and compliance, as well as many direct costs (e.g., payroll, insurance, tax burdens, team resources) and back office tasks such as onboarding, billing, invoicing, and benefits administration. Outsourcing these burdens allows you to be more successful without incurring additional expenses or overhead. 

Building Your Business with Contract Staffing 

Together with People2.0, MRINetwork makes it easy to expand your business quickly and confidently. In our Getting Started with Contract Staffing Guide, our experienced experts outline five steps to get started. 

Step 1: Define Your Business Goals & Strategy

Is contract staffing right for you? The first step is defining your business goals and go-to-market strategy. MRINetwork will help you to determine the right approach for your business, industry, and team. 

Step 2: Understand How Contract Staffing Works 

You’ll need a foundational understanding of contract staffing and its nuances in order to achieve success. This process is easier with the right partner to provide expertise, guidance, and training. 

Step 3: Test the Waters with Clients & Candidates

How do you uncover new contract staffing opportunities? Ask! Beginning with your existing clients and candidates allows you to build your business from a place of trust. With MRI, you’ll have scripts and tools to simplify conversations, as well as access to contract staffing experts to facilitate communication and negotiations. 

Step 4: Build Your Capabilities

In perm recruiting, the main cost to your business is the time spent on the search. Contract staffing is quite different as you’ll need to float payroll, cover insurance, adhere to employment laws, manage benefits, and much more. These obligations can be extremely taxing for your company and resources. The better solution is partnering with a proven contract staffing leader. 

Step 5: Deliver Exceptional Service & Results

In contract staffing, your work doesn’t stop with the placement — exceptional service and communication throughout the entire assignment are key. MRI and People2.0 offer everything you need to streamline and simplify this process. 

Ready to Get Started?

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