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Grow Your Recruitment Firm Faster with MRI Split Partnerships

December 8, 2022 ──── MRINetwork
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Grow Your Recruitment Firm Faster with MRI Split Partnerships

Grow Your Recruitment Firm Faster with MRI Split Partnerships

As companies expand into new areas and look to harness the global workforce, search firms with domestic and international capabilities are in a better position to succeed. With MRINetwork’s Working Together Globally (WTG) program, you can connect with firms around the world to collaborate on different opportunities. Not only does MRI’s global network enhance your standing as a total talent access partner, it also gives you new avenues for growth and increased revenue.

MRI’s Working Together Globally Program 

MRI’s Working Together Globally program links firms across MRINetwork, making it possible to tap into business opportunities with more than 250 MRI offices in over 40 countries worldwide. From job placements to consulting, business sales, and more, split partnerships allow two or more firms or recruiters to work together on different business needs, each benefitting in the process. 

“The ability to partner and collaborate with our MRINetwork partners means a lot to us and to our clients. The international capabilities of MRI brings an important added value to our clients. We can offer them a global reach with a local presence.” 

— Alexander Steele, MRI Manserv AG, Switzerland 

Key Advantages for Your Business 

Whether you take advantage of split partnerships often or infrequently, MRI’s WTG program is a powerful differentiator and driver for your business. Here are just a few of the benefits that MRINetwork’s global reach offers your firm. 

  1. Trusting partnerships. Working with Network partners who share your same best practices offers greater peace of mind and a seamless experience for your clients and candidates. 
  1. Stronger key account management. With MRI, you increase your chances of serving as a single contact for clients globally, effectively shutting out competitors. 
  1. Specialized expertise and experience. Different markets bring different labor laws, privacy requirements, cultural considerations, expectations around speed, and nuances. With MRI, you can expand your footprint quickly without investing in areas that you may or may not work in consistently. 
  1. Less work. Partnering together results in less work and improved efficiencies. With MRI, you can browse and post split opportunities online, and connect with peers within your area of expertise. MRI also provides a referral split fee agreement, FAQs, scripts, and other resources to make your life easier. 
  1. Expansion and diversification. With MRI’s WTG program, you can explore new locations and opportunities in areas that interest you, expanding and diversifying your business for added stability. 
  1. Improved marketing. With partners in more than 40 countries, you can promote stronger talent capabilities, and differentiate yourself from other boutique or national firms. MRI’s WTG program is an 800-pound gorilla to attract larger accounts and companies. 
  1. Ongoing opportunities and a potential lifeline. Business that began as a split partnership can continue for years to come. Should your business experience a downswing or unexpected project delays, split business can also allow you to drum up new opportunities without added business development costs. 
  1. Enhanced brand and reputation. With split partnerships, you begin each project from a place of trust. With in-depth knowledge surrounding client expectations, preferences, and more, it’s easier to deliver exceptional service and build a stronger brand and reputation. 

Join MRI’s Global Network 

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