MRINetwork Leaders Summit

Choice, not chance,
determines your firm’s future.

Registration for the 2022 Leaders Summit opens 9/6/2022

Early bird registration for the 2022 Leaders Summit ends 9/6/2022

The pace of our industry’s evolution has shown that we need to understand not only what to think, but how to think at every stage of our business. The Leaders Summit was designed as a forum for exactly that.

This is where the Network learns from the Network. It is not about coming together to be social, it is about coming together to be strategic — sharing lessons and solving problems so that as a franchise network, we continue to lead the industry.




"The world and the market are changing at a rapid pace. MRI leadership believe in what they're doing, and they are moving the entire Network that way."
- Troy Wood, The Beneva Group


Set the course
for your firm’s future.

Is your team keeping pace with today's demands?

Are you showing up as a full solution partner for your clients?

Do you have the succession plan you need in place?

Do you understand what your clients’ needs will be 2–5 years from now?
The Leaders Summit gives you uninterrupted time to look critically at these questions, focus on the ones that are more pressing to you, and collaborate with the best minds in the industry.

to expect.

Two days of programming designed specifically for MRINetwork owners & leaders.

A balance of hands-on work and time to enjoy our host city.

Peer-reviewed tactics and engaging round-tables with your fellow MRINetwork leaders.


Register for Leaders Summit Learning

Oct 17 – Nov 3, 2022

Three weeks, six virtual sessions. Join us and dive into the latest on search operations, compensation trends, and DIG development.
— Free for MRINetwork members —


"After two years of being in virtual meetings, it was time to meet people face-to-face and to get the spirit of the MRINetwork organization and to reinforce formal contacts — so I can take a lot of input, inspiration, and ideas back to Germany. You are fully present, you can interact, and you see how different topics resonate within the group."
Thomas Hinzmann
Hinzmann Consulting

"If you ever get the opportunity, do not miss an event like this. It is always life changing. You will meet the best in the industry. We have great leadership, we have some great people... Every time I come to one of these events, I bond with the MRI Family. You can't miss it, you should not miss it, because you are going to take a lot of experiences and insights, and friendship with you."
Thavi Louanlavong
Siter-Neubauer & Associates

"I think it's an amazing dynamic to understand that you're part of a bigger community — and not just see it, but to really feel it and participate. So, if you don't engage, if you don't dig in and turn that microscope on your own business and yourself, then you're not going to get the full advantage. I think that's why it's so critical to participate and engage and walk out with some real takeaways."
Michael Bitar
Protis Global




"MRI events make you think differently and expand thought processes."
- Gordon Schmidt, Quest Talent Solutions