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MRI & People2.0 Release Contract Staffing Impact Report 

May 5, 2022 ──── MRINetwork
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MRI & People2.0 Release Contract Staffing Impact Report 

MRI & People2.0 Release Contract Staffing Impact Report
The move to a more flexible labor force has been building for some time. The pandemic ushered in seismic change at an accelerated pace. Whereas employees and companies once viewed contract staffing less favorably than permanent positions, both sides are now more open to temporary work arrangements.

Data from the American Staffing Association indicates that contract and temporary staffing comprises approximately 87% of total U.S. staffing and recruiting sales. For many search firms, this is untapped potential and money left on the table. 

Today, MRI is pleased to release the 2022 Contract Staffing Impact Report, produced in partnership with People2.0. With insights on benefits for candidates and clients, recruiting firm success stories, and more, the report offers a high-level view of the current landscape and new opportunities. 

The report makes clear that contract staffing is here to stay. From the warehouse to the C-suite, healthcare to IT and beyond, contract workers are contributing to all levels of organizations worldwide.

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Is Contract Staffing Right for Your Search Firm?

Should you explore contract staffing for your recruiting firm? Ask yourself the following questions. If the answer is “yes,” it’s time to look into expanding your service delivery. Learn more about MRI contract staffing services. 

  • Is temporary staffing growing in your area of recruiting expertise? 
  • Are you seeing a significant amount of contract job openings? 
  • Are your clients or candidates asking about contract staffing solutions or opportunities? 
  • Do your clients currently use contractors? 

“It was really a matter of survival for me. I had to do something different when the pandemic hit. Once I made a concerted effort, I doubled my best year in less than six months. I realize now that in order to have a truly healthy staffing business — from a valuation standpoint, from a revenue standpoint, from a volatility standpoint — I need to incorporate a contract staffing component.” 

— Anthony Bileddo, Chief Executive Officer, Bileddo Associates

MRI Contract Staffing Solutions

Together with People2.0’s employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services, MRI offers robust contract staffing consulting and marketing solutions: go-to-market strategy, training, education, white-label resources, and more. Contact us today to discuss MRI’s concierge contract staffing service and comprehensive back office solutions from People2.0.