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Non-Employees Are the New Employees

November 4, 2021 ──── Tim Ozier
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Non-Employees Are the New Employees

Not so long ago, full-time employment was the gold standard of work. People preferred nine to five, working on site, with health insurance and benefits. Today, not so much. Businesses and employees alike are rethinking traditional work.

Non-employee hiring has been trending for some time. Since 2020, the need for flexible workforces has only increased. Research estimates that 42 percent of the average company’s talent pool is currently contingent or non-employee. For many organizations, that number slides even higher. At Google, for example, more than half of employees are temporary, vendor, or contracted workers.

Eroding job stability and shifting expectations have more candidates considering flexible work arrangements. The number of U.S. independent workers surged by 34 percent in 2021, with independent workers viewing non-permanent work as more stable than permanent employment. More and more, workers around the globe are seeking increased work-life flexibility, autonomy, and control over their career paths.

The Move to Flexible, Non-Employee Labor

With talent scarcities, widening skills gaps, and shifting needs, many organizations are reluctant (or unable) to attract and/or keep permanent employees. The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2021 points to several expected shifts:

  • More workers operating in a remote environment (89 percent)
  • Increased utilization of contingent and non-employee labor (83 percent)
  • More flexibility regarding worker lifestyle issues (82 percent)
  • Increased emphasis on human capital and depth of skill sets (62 percent)

The numbers paint a very clear picture: for myriad reasons, candidates are more open to contingent work, and clients are more motivated to use “non-employees” as a significant part of their workforce strategy.

“You can argue about who benefits the most from this seismic shift, but there is no escaping the fact that if you are in the talent access business and only offer permanent (or contract) solutions, you are leaving huge opportunities on the table for yourself, your clients and your candidates.” — Tim Ozier, MRI Contract Staffing Solutions

Tim attributes the acceleration of contract staffing to the pandemic but emphasizes the trends have been in play for a long time. 

MRI Contract Staffing can help you implement a seamless, comprehensive contract staffing solution in a short period of time.


Meeting Client & Candidate Needs with Contract Staffing

What do these trends mean for talent acquisition? Simply stated, recruiters and firms that offer total talent access solutions have a significant edge. Within MRINetwork, firms are beefing up their contract staffing capabilities to accommodate. This year alone, over 20 firms expanded their contract staffing offerings.

For many recruiting firms, the move to contract staffing is often a gradual one. Those who currently don’t have dedicated contract staffing resources frequently begin by bringing up the conversation with clients and candidates, in order to explore potential opportunities. Not only does contract staffing offer new business potential, it also safeguards firms and staffing professionals from losing business to competitors who do offer interim staffing solutions.

Partnering with MRI Contract Staffing Services

MRINetwork is making it easier than ever before to provide total talent access solutions to clients and candidates. With MRI Contract Staffing® services, recruiting firms can expand their offerings without taxing their resources or introducing new risks.

MRI offers a full suite of contract staffing solutions including:

  • Back office support: As contractors’ employer of record, MRI manages insurance, contractor payroll and expenses, background checks, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, billing, and compliance.
  • Business consulting: MRI works with you to identify where and how contract staffing fits in with your long- and short-term business goals.
  • Contract staffing tools and training: From training to white-label resources and more, MRI gives you everything you need to get up and running quickly with contract staffing.

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