A Proven Business Model &
A New Way to Franchise

MRINetwork's franchise model has been perfected over more than five decades of experience, innovation, and ingenuity.

The Freedom to
Own Your Own Business

Leverage all of the benefits of a proven model, without the drawbacks common to traditional franchising or other recruiting networks.

Traditional Franchising Model:

Locked into their name and logo

Conventional approaches and ideas

Holds the keys to your database and website

Rigid franchise options and requirements

One-size-fits-all marketing, tools, and systems

Boxed into proprietary offerings

Pre-determined vendor options and pricing

Prescribed off-the-shelf training

The MRI Way.

Freedom in business and marketing

Inspiring innovation and ingenuity

You own all of your most valuable assets

Flexibility in franchising

Tailored business solutions and marketing strategies

Freedom of choice for vendors, systems, and tools

Preferred pricing with established, vetted vendors

Access to a diverse team of skilled subject matter experts

A World of

Our experienced executive team has helped hundreds of search firm owners to achieve their goals, and we can help you too.

We know the demands and expertise that today’s competitive landscape requires. Get the support you need to build a rewarding recruiting business.

Hear From Those on the Inside

Melissa Owens
Founder & President, Allied Search Partners
MRINetwork is comprised of a bunch of niche operations. We manage our own offices the way we want to, with the guidance of MRI and the skeleton and the structure. You have to take it all in and use the network; find your own style of how you want to manage your office.
Gary Miller
President, Miller Resource Group
This is not like McDonald's. When you buy a McDonald's franchise, you have no choice in how you do things. You follow the book and you follow the book to the letter, or you don't stay. With MRINetwork, there's infinite possibilities with how people run their business. And when you come to MRI events and people are willing to share their best practices, it's like eating from a salad bar – you take what is appropriate for you. You take what you enjoy, you mix it up, and you come back with your own recipe. It's so stimulating to hear a bunch of fresh ideas – and you can pick and choose what you want to implement and what fits your style of leadership.

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