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Harness the power of digital media and marketing to build your reputation and business online.

Promote Your Business Your Way

With MRI, you don't have to start from scratch or follow strict marketing guidelines. Create a compelling brand and marketing strategy that's true to your own vision — we'll show you how.

360º Marketing Approach

Today’s leading recruitment and staffing firms embrace digital marketing, storytelling, and brand building to set themselves apart and achieve clear results. Our marketing and digital media team works with you to build a high-level assessment and action plan that covers all areas of your marketing.

Achieve More with Your Marketing

Get personalized guidance from our team of experts who understand your goals, business, and market. We will help you to bring clarity and consistency to your marketing, while expanding your knowledge and expertise.

Digital Marketing & Media Training

Learn how to “put yourself out there” in a way that's authentic to your business and your brand. With MRI, you'll understand how to market effectively across digital media, using tools and resources that allow you to maximize your efforts.
Michael Trautman
Vice President of Recruitment, Management Recruiters of Nashville
"After 16 years of recruiting and 15 of those on LinkedIn, I posted for the first time during these sessions and received over 12K views on a single post. This has resulted in new contacts from both sides of the table."
John W. Anderson
Founder & President, Management Recruiters of Nashville
"The content and the presentation of material was fantastic. The entire MR Nashville team participated, and this will absolutely move us light years ahead of where we were. Great job and great content. I would encourage people to seriously consider making the time commitment. It will pay off!"
Casey Reid
President, Reid & Associates
"The Evolution Training on Branding, Marketing, and Media was an incredibly effective and informative training. I have seen huge engagement online and it has already helped me to craft my online presence. "

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